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Monday, November 1, 2010

These are the kinds of conversations happening at my house...

The other night hubby was watching a show with the kids before bedtime.  I poured a glass of wine, you know...for heart health. :)  I was half-way through my first sip as I glanced at the t.v...I froze.

"What the...Tootles can TALK?!!  When did THAT happen?!"

Hubby, "Yeah.  I don't know."

Me, "I mean, I knew he got a face for his birthday, but when did he learn to talk?!  This is MAJOR!"

Hubby turns slowly to look at me.  Realizing that I am completely serious he says, "We really need to get you out more."

If you have no clue what I'm talking about...good for YOU!  For those that do...this is MAJOR, right?!!   Go Tootles!


  1. lol! Go Tootles!! yeah, that seems like the type of conversation we have around here too... come ON March, let these Mamas get away from all this!!! :)

  2. I thought the same exact thing when I was watching that lol

  3. I have not seen the new talking Tootles....I guess I don't pay attention enough when Max watches it.

  4. What the heck is Tootles? When will I learn this lingo? When baby is what....2?

  5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Oh, just you wait! "Come inside, it's fun inside!"

  6. I know who tootles is *hangs head in shame*