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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RIP Pilgrim Mickey...we will never forget!

It was but one year ago, on a day not unlike today.  Sun was shining, birds were singing, and car was dirty.  So I drove me and my chitlins through the car wash without a care in the world.  And then...the HORROR.  RIPPED from his perch while minding. his. own. business.  Pooooooor little Pilgrim Mickey antenna ball.  ~sniff, sniff~  I panicked!  "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SOMEONE TURN OFF THAT MACHINE!!", I cried.  I tried to go in and save him, but it was too wet.  Too many moving, mechanical parts!  I had a family to think about.  I couldn't put myself at such risk.  They deserved a mother.  It was not unlike Sophie's Choice, so I chose.  But it doesn't mean that a Thanksgiving season doesn't go by without thinking of him.  Just this morning as I went to the car and realized that Mickey Bat ball had to come down, I what?  What do I do?  Wherrrre do I go from here?  The season is too important to be so cavalier as to throw up a Princess ball, you know?  Of course you know. That's just crazy talk! What am I?...An animal?!!...I don't think so. Thanksgiving just won't ever be the same.

So heed my warning!  Don't ever go to the car wash by Moorpark College.  It's violent and ruthless, and it will rip your balls right off!

RIP, dear one. RIP.


  1. OMG Shari, you crack me up! You and your balls!

  2. Love it....of course I don't keep my balls out in the open for them to get ripped off. I prefer to keep the locked up and loaded so I can be the one to kick them off when I feel so inclined. :)

    Love you Shari!!