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Monday, November 15, 2010

Michael Jackson's new song got me reminiscing...

about the days of yore...days of your?, definitely yore.  The olden days.  Like the Thriller days.  Aaaaahhhh, the soundtrack of my youth.  I was a freshman in high school, just made the cheerleading team and was preparing for my very first pep rally.  I was thrilled when the Varsity Cheerleaders included us in their dance routine to kick off the school year.  We were doing the routine Michael Jackson did in the Beat It video.  You know, gang bangers w/ the bandana headbands across the forehead, (this isn't me, by the way.  Just giving a visual for those who aren't as street savvy as myself) flannel shirts and baggy pants. 

It was important to look cool and make a good first impression, since this routine would be done in front of the entire school. And since we were risking getting our asses kicked by the real homeboys/girls in school who dressed like this on a regular basis.  I was a little skeered, I won't lie to you. Cuz they'll cut ya...they'll cut ya deep.

Here...remember this?  (Although I gotta be honest, watching this video again after all these years, I couldn't help but think that Michael was gonna get "Beat" for wearing that piano shirt.  I mean, really Michael, why not just paint a target on your forehead)

 Michael Jackson - Beat It: "Thriller"

~cue music~  Adrenaline pumping, so excited...and here we go!  We start w/ the walking and snapping, you know what I'm talking about!  Oh yeah, going good...lookin' fine...snappity snap...freshman year is gonna ROCK...and begins.  Homeboy headband starts to fall...raising eyebrows...trying. to. keep. it. up...not...working...slipping, falling...going...blind...and there it is.  Blackout.  Instead of cool homeboy, I am now a member of 3 Blind Mice.  I am completely blindfolded.  Dancing in the dark, if you will.  Can't see.  (Have I made that clear?)  But I kept dancing.  I knew that routine like the back of my hand, so I just busted a move.  I danced like nobody was watching! (pardon the pun) Maybe nobody noticed.  But I was suspicious.  Definitely heard laughing.  It's true what they say about your other senses being heightened.  Suddenly, I could smell the fear.  Taste the humiliation.  Maybe they weren't laughing at me.  Maybe someone tripped or fell.  But I'd have to wait until the song was over before I could remove my blindfold and see what high school had in store for me. Song ends and I take a peek.  And there it is.  My first of many public humiliations.  Didn't help that my spot was in front of the entire Senior class.  Oh well,  that's how we develop character, right?   And so, a class clown was born. :)


  1. Ok, you painted the picture all too well. Hilarious, you are! Looking forward to reading more Shari-isms!

  2. *claps* LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!