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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Babies R are DEAD to me!

It's official!!  It's been a long time coming and I've felt like BRU (Babies R Us) has just had too much of a monopoly on all things baby, so I was stuck.  Well NOT ANY MORE!!  This is the final straw!

So there I was...w/ a 17 month old who isn't fond of sitting still, a 4 year old who isn't fond of shutting up, and me, Ms. Frazzle McDazzle, who isn't fond of any of this.  I'm trying to haul 2 HUGE and heavy baby gates to the check out area with one hand, pushing the cart, keeping track of the 4 year old. ( I guess the constant talking is good for something.  Never have to wonder where she is.)  They were too big to fit IN the cart and too big to go UNDER the cart.  So I mosey'd my way to the front where I could look forward to standing in line with at least 8 other people.  You know, the usual.  The whole while trying to keep these gates from falling over, playing tug of war with the baby who is ripping the shopping cart cover off of the cart and LICKING THE HANDLE!!!! OMG!  I was gagging, I won't lie.

Finally, my turn!  I haul the gates up onto the counter and present the checker with my coupons, friendly as I want to be!  These gates were $64 each and I had 2 20% off coupons.  WELL, the checker said that I could only use 1.  Only 1 coupon per customer per day.  WTH?!!  Exasperated, I said, "Ok, can you do 2 transactions?"  (People, you are talking to the girl who worked retail for 11 years.  I know how the system works!)  She said no. I have to go stand in another line if I want to use the 2nd coupon?!! (RIDIC!)  She said no, only 1 per person per day!!  OK, that is IT!!!  I unleashed.

"Miss BRU, I realize these are not your personal policies, but as a representative of BRU, you get to deal with this.  How ridiculous is it that a BABY store would make life soooo inconvenient for mothers who, most often are  hauling their children with them when they shop here?!!  So now I'm expected to load up my children and make a second trip to give you my money?! OOOOOHHH, I don't think so.  You can go ahead and put this gate back, because I will not.  And you can kiss my $64 good bye because I'm sure would love to take my money.  And by the way, will there be a survey I can take on my receipt?" (You know how they are always trying to get you to take those surveys?!  Well, HA!!  I just spent 15 minutes giving them an earful!...actually and eyefull, but whatever!) If I wasn't so desperate for that gate, I wouldn't have even bought the one I did from them.  I may take it back because I got too busy to put it up yesterday anyway.

OH, and another thing!!!!  I have used my freakin' "Rewards" card for 5 years now with nothing to show for it!  They said if you bought 9 boxes of diapers, you'd get the 10th free.  Wellll?  Don't you think that in 5 years, with 2 kids, I have purchased more than 9 boxes?!!  WHERE'S MY FREE BOX,  BASTARDS?!!

 So for all of you parents out there, Amazon Mom will send diapers TO YOUR DOOR with FREE TWO-DAY SHIPPING for prices at or below BRU or Target!  They also give you a 3 month free trial of Amazon Prime when you join.  That gives you free 2 day shipping on anything you order, with no minimum purchase!  I have no affiliation with Amazon, other than they have saved me from the treacherous BRU, and for that I lurve them.  Oh, and for every month that you spend $25 in the baby dept., they will give you one extra month of Amazon Prime for free!  Ok, that's the end of my commercial.  

But before I go, one last cathartic 'SUCK IT' to Babies R Us!!  You have no power over me, anymore!!  Say it with me...Amazooooooooooooooooon!!


  1. This is the first time I have read your blog, and I love this post! I can so relate, and you totally made me laugh!
    Do you have a facebook page? I saw a share button but I would like to "follow" you there if I could...Thanks. Gena:

  2. Thanks, Gena!! I set up a button at the top right. Hope it works for you!