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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Disregard previous post...

Ass is back.  Thank you, that is all.

Damn summer! I blame summer and all of it's summerness.  Could have had something to do with all of the time at the pool.  This was the first year that mama did NOT have to be in the pool the entire time!  Sissy is now a swimmer (woo-to-the-flingin'-flangin'-HOOOO!) and Bubba has an awesome Bubba-proof swimmy thingy.  So there was me, basking in my glory, eating snacks while watching the kiddos swim.  I even got in SEVERAL times, but obviously not enough to work off the snackage.  Damn.  How many times am I going to lose the same 10 lbs, I ask you!?!!  We just had pics taken for our family Christmas cards and I look like Jabba the Hut.  Pitiful.  No camera angle is going to hide those chins, I tell ya.  And I'd like to know why I feel the need to bulk up right before the most picture taking-est time of year!!  Never snapped even one pic of my skinny self back in June.  Next time I lose weight, I'm snapping photos like a mo' fo', so just expect some in your mailbox. :)

Ok, so back on the bandwagon.  Because, you know, historically the holidays are the time for LOSING weight!  Ugh.  I haven't even started into my yearly Christmas fudge-a-thon yet!  Fudge is kind of my thang.  I've made probably a hundred lbs. over the years so I've got it down, and people will scream at me if they don't get their fudge.  I'll be strong.  I'll resist.  I'll eat a carrot.  Hey, Slimfast makes a fudge flavor, right?  I'm sure it tastes the same.  

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  1. There is no way you gained ten pounds- it has to be water weight! And the winter is the perfect time eto be a fat ass, regardless- you can wear jackets and sweaters and scarves!