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Monday, July 19, 2010

I have a problem.

Like I have to tell YOU that.  But seriously, I think there is something screwy in my brain that I can get so much joy from dishes.  LOVE DISHES!  Love them.  Love.  And yesterday while perusing Pier 1 Imports, in a purely supportive role (my sister was shopping), I ran across THIS...

Are you seeing this??  It is a cookie jar!!  COOKIE. JAR.  And it's a CUPCAKE!  (Note the wine in the background.  I could have moved it aside, but it too, brings me joy. So he stays.)  And you may have noticed that this cookie jar is no longer in the store.  That's my counter.  In case you didn't know.

I think for you to fully understand the depths of this joy, I must take you back.  A flashback if you will.  Think LOST, without all the angst...

Two or three years ago I ran across THE cutest dessert plates at Sur La Table.  They were SO cute that I had to have 2 sets!  Well, technically 3 sets because I felt that my sister needed one.  Well, technically I ordered like 6 sets because some were chipped & I became obsessed w/ unchipped plates.  It was quite the process (similar to the Soup Cookbook incident of 2010 that I won't get into right now.) SO CUTE that I bought this gift for her 3 months before her birthday and saved it!  You should know that I am not good at saving gifts!  But this one was so worth it.  Are you ready?  :)  (I'm not feeling your excitement.  Step it up, please.)

TADAAAAAAA!!  :)  Can you stand it?!!  Cuz I almost can't STAND IT!!  And did you notice?...Did. You. Notice?  LOOK!...

Ditto taddaaaaaaaa!  It is exactly the same as...the...cookie...jar!  I've had these plates for over 2 years and the cookie jar was at PIER ONE, of all places!! You can't find these plates or this cookie jar anywhere online!  It's like they were made just for me and now they are gone.  I walked around the store holding it, caressing, petting, smiling.  The employees kept asking to hold it at the register for me.  No thank you.  We are fine.  :)

Now let us have a moment of silence and gaze upon all that is...Cupcakeville...

As if my heart could take any more, imagine this cookie jar and these plates on top of my birthday table runner I made for the kids...

Have you ever been happier than you are at this moment?  I know, me too. :)


  1. We are cupcake-aholics here too! That is too cute!!

  2. YAY!!!! I love that cookie jar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That's a GREAT combo you got going there. I can totally understand your bliss.