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Friday, July 16, 2010

Got ball?

YES WE DO!!! :)   As you can see, I had a multitude of balls to choose from.  Although I would LOVE to hang Bunny Mickey from the rafters, just for his ridiculous-ness, I couldn't imagine driving in to greet him each day.  And spoke to me. (Pssst! This is the part where you scroll down for the big reveal)

Helloooo luvahhhhh!

So I got out my handy-dandy tool kit.  Ah, well...I got a needle and thread.  And a tack.  I guess it brought out the MacGiver in me. 

 Figure I can see those big-ass eyes comin' at me from a mile away. 

Ok, I just realized I've got a fish on a hook.  TOTALLY didn't see that coming.  Honest.  Like it just hit me right now.  :)  I so funny.

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