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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Buzz Dilemma.

Kaitlyn has been such a sweet girl lately and yesterday she asked if she could have a Buzz Lightyear doll.  We watch that movie DAILY and she has the Jessie that she loves to play with.  So today we go to Target and they have crappy little Buzz for $6 and AWESOME Buzz for $35.  So after deep reflection, we get Big Awesome Buzz.

Here's the dilemma...the kids hovered over me until I got him out of all that packing, and now Adam won't turn him loose.  He LOVES HIM!  I'm talkin' pure. man. love.  Hugs him.  Won't put him down.  And when Kaitlyn makes a move towards him he puts a protective move on Buzz and fakes left, then runs past her.

It says the toy is for 4 years and older.  There are no loose parts and even if something came loose, all the parts are pretty big.  I don't see where there would be a choking hazard.  Plus, he's going to play with Kaitlyn's so what's the diff if I go buy him one?  I think I'm going to have to or K will never get to play with it.  She's sleeping w/ him now.  (Ok, that was weird.  Forget I said that.) ...I need to go lie down.

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  1. That just made me laugh out loud for some reason. Hee!