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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love my balls.

I had no idea that other people did not decorate their antenna's with balls.  This has caught me completely unawares.  Is it because I live fairly close to Disneyland?  There is definite ball pressure in my neck of the woods.  Especially amongst fellow Mommies.  Don't deny know who you are.  I see you looking upon my balls w/ envy.  Hey, it's no secret where to get them.  You just have to put forth a little effort.  And by effort, I don't mean STEALING.  There is currently an Amber Alert out on my Tinkerbell.  Some bastard ripped her from her perch shortly after her movie was released.  But Mommy still holds out hope & I'm keeping the dream alive.  COME HOME, TINK!  I thought I saw her once on the 101, but this Tink was all faded and dried out.  Her face was cracking and I could barely look at her. :(  Here she is in her Christmas outfit.  ~sniff, sniff~ Isn't she beautiful?  ~whispers~ Mommy loves you!

This brings me to a note about ball etiquette.  People, you don't just slap a ball on your antenna and leave it there to rot!  If you are going to just leave them up there for the sun to bake to oblivion, well then you just don't deserve to have a ball!  You must follow proper ball rotation, so as to avoid this rookie move.  This will require multiple balls, because how are you supposed to rotate if you only have 1?  I can't even imagine only
having one.  Concept is completely foreign to me. 
So, here's a is March, spring is dawning, birds are singing...what do you do?  Well, couple of can celebrate spring w/ a lovely Flower Mickey, OR you can put up Bunny Mickey (of which there are 2 varieties.  Use your own judgment, but I prefer the all-white standard Mickey Bunny as opposed to the modern Flop-Eared Mickey w/ the freaky face.  But I'm a traditionalist and enjoy the classics.  Whatever blows your skirt up.) 


Now, since Easter is a shorter time span than spring, I would probably opt for Bunny Mickey until the day/week after Easter, and then whip out Flower Mickey until mid May.(notice that I have 2 varieties.  But then again, I'm a professional. Don't put too much pressure on yourself right out of the gate, Rome wasn't built in a day.)   Around mid-May we prepare for Memorial Day w/ Uncle Sam Mickey.  Beauty of Uncle Sam Mickey (not pictured, currently MIA...trying not to panic!) is that he is relevant from Memorial Day until the 4th of July.  Technically, I guess you could keep him for the entire summer since Labor Day isn't far off, but then that would fly in the face of the previously mentioned 'ball rotation'.  You are running the risk of Uncle Sam Mickey becoming cracked and blistered.  And nobody wants that.  So again, I would recommending going to something summery and whimsical after the 4th.  Maybe a Princess ball, or a Classic Mickey ball w/ the sparkly ears. Here's my latest 'non-holiday specific' ball.

(Truthfully, summer is an awkward time for balls as Disney has yet to come up with a ball that I feel captures the essence of summer.  I have some ideas for Beach Mickey, complete w/ zinc oxide on his nose, possibly a snorkel.  If only the powers that be would return my calls.)  
STOP THE PRESSES! Ok, I am shaking a little bit right now because in my effort to provide you w/ visuals, I came across this little jewel on eBay.  Be. Still. My. Heart.  It is the perfect combination of my love for balls AND cupcakes.  Sweet, merciful Jasper. 
You people are costing me a fortune!  Look at thissssssssssssss...
and he's allll mine! :)  (I do NOT need an intervention...I do NOT need an intervention.) But I believe I do need a moment...I'm tingling with excitement...can't think...deeeeeep breath.  Whew.

So hopefully now you will understand my love of balls.  I only hope that revealing this underground Mommy secret will not get me kicked out of the Club.  (see what I did there?  Club?  Totally unintentional!  Get it?  Mickey Mouse CLUB?!  lol  Oohhh I crack myself up. :)  )

~crickets~  Hello?  Is this thing on?


  1. Just perfect. I can't say that I've ever seen them in person, but reading this and seeing the pics, I'm a huge fan of your balls.

  2. Oh, Shari. This made me laugh my butt off! So cute, and so funny. I think it must be a SoCal thing, because I NEVER see balls around here!

  3. It's because of the large Mormon influence. ;)

  4. Unfortunately they aren't as popular out in TN as they are in SoCal. I was going to get a couple when I was out there last, but alas - I was afraid that someone would steal one because they are virtually non-existant here that I just decided against it. LOVE your collection, lady!

  5. Shari you are Hilarious! Makes me want to start my own ball collection. Who knew there were so many. I may have to head on over to e-bay.....could be trouble.