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Thursday, July 15, 2010

So here it goes...

The story about last night at the Zoovies.  One thing I never expected with motherhood was being more excited about taking Kaitlyn to do kid-stuff than she was.  I never thought my 2 or 3 or 4 year old would turn into Debbie Downer. Who is this kid and WHO IS HER MOTHER!!  Surely not me!!  I love to go places and do fun stuff, and LORD knows those moments are few and far between w/ a baby.  I always look forward to doing this stuff and seeing it through the eyes of my child.  Pbbbtttthhhhh!!  (that was the best raspberry I could muster)  Anyone have any kids they want to lend me?  

It started out fine, a one hour drive to Santa Barbara w/ no traffic!  She was asking for ice cream so I got her a little bit on the ride up.  Fun, right?!  Go MOM!  Half way there I get the first ever..."Are we there yet?".  Oh geez!  Should have been my first clue.  But she rallied and was super excited when we pulled into the parking lot!  We had a great time looking at the animals on our way to the grassy area.  I paid a little extra so she could jump in the bounce house.  Again...YAY MOM! 

We head up to the grass and that's when it started...there was the faintest stench of animalness.  Kaitlyn plugs her nose immediately & makes this squishy face, "Bom, ids dinky."  Yeah, yeah, kid.  I know.  You'll get used to it.  "No Bom, id don't dmell dood."  I was PRAYING for a breeze!  (and let me take this moment to tell you that it was the most PERFECT Santa Barbara evening at the beach that you could imagine!  It was 72* at 8pm!!)  I tried to distract her.  They had Madagascar beanie babies!  Hey Kaitlyn, want one?  "Do dhanks." (still holding her nose.  Sheesh!)  What kid doesn't want a Beanie Baby?!!  So I got one to take home to Adam.

I find a great spot and get all set up.  I have the blanket, the chair, the quilt, licorice, the works!   Kid still won't let go of her nose.  FINALLY we get a slight breeze and she seems to forget about it.  Then she wants popcorn.  Didn't want popcorn when there wasn't a line.  Now, suddenly, the urge for corn is overwhelming her.  Ok, off to stand in line.  We finally get the $6 popcorn in a collector tub, (give me a break), and head over to stand in the drink line.  Takes for-EVER!!  It is almost our turn and Kaitlyn tells me she doesn't want the popcorn.  She hasn't had ONE BITE yet.  Doesn't want it.  (I controlled my urge to dump the whole bucket right there in the trash!) That was the whole point of the drink, to wash down the corn.  So NOW I'm pissed!  Ok, no corn?  Then no drink!  We leave the line and go sit down.  She is crying of course, saying she's thirsty.  Well, the movie is 90 minutes long so she can deal until we get to the car.  I probably should have gotten the drink, but at the zoo they don't have lids or straws and I didn't want to deal w/ balancing that drink if it wasn't really necessary.  And without the corn...NOT NECESSARY!

Movie starts, she's acting happy, sitting in my lap.  There's a HUGE screen on the lawn, weather is perfect, seats are great, sun is setting, and I'm feeling good!  45 minutes into the movie..."I want to go home".  WTH?!!  I'm zero to pissed in 2 seconds.  Fine!  I packed that crap up so fast it made her head spin and we were OUTTA THERE!  Freakin' kid ruined my fun! I asked if she had fun..."yes" you want Mommy to bring you back for another movie next week?..."No, you can bring Adam."  $*%&@

Now she usually is in bed around 8:30pm, but most nights she'll sing in her bed until at least 9:15pm or 9:30.  Some nights she's not in bed until 9 and then I still hear her around 10.  So I thought, big whoop, we sit and watch a movie until 9:30/9:45 and she snoozes on the way home.  Well apparently, she is sleepier in the evening than I am aware.  She fell asleep in the car half way home.  Oh, after downing half of a bottle of water.  :(  So I guess she was thirsty, but I'm telling you, in my state of mind,  if I would have got that drink and she would have refused it...let's just say we wouldn't even have stayed for the opening credits.  Mama don't play!

So there you have it, in all it's glory.  Everything about the Zoovies is fantastic, unless you are my daughter. If you have the means, you should check it out!  I'm still holding out hope for Adam, but in my experience w/ Kaitlyn, that kid ruins every fun thing I ever try to do for/with her.  Mama needs an aspirin after re-living that event.  Thank you and good-night.

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  1. You need to become an author of something-maybe a book on motherhood- because that was hilariously written!