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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Four more years...

What, in the name of all that is pure and holy, am I going to do with myself in 4 more years when Adam is in kindergarten?!!!  The thought just makes me GIDDY!  Here I sit in this peace and quiet while he is napping and sister is in preschool (mind you, I only have about 90 minutes of this) and I am so happy I'm literally tingling.  Literally.  Feeling tingles as we speak...uh, type...or I type and you listen, if you are reading out loud...but only do that if you are alone or people will think you're a freak and well...speaking of freaks...MOVING ON!

Where was I?  Oh yes, tingles! :)  So when Mr. Adam starts kindergarten, what to do...what to DO?!!  First I shall go to Starbucks.  I believe that's the proper 'kids in school' etiquette for moms.  Maybe I'll go with another mom!  We could chat.  Actually complete a sentence without interjecting with "I'm TALKING!  Stop interrupting!  Put that DOWN!"  Just a nice, quiet chat.  Aaaaaah.  Then perhaps I will go to Target.  Yes, people, it just might get that crazy. :)  And then possibly go for a run, then a shower and maybe off for a mani/pedi?  Or a nap?  I'll clean the house eventually, once the 'new' wears off.  Might take a week or so.  It's been a long 5 years.  Mama's earned it.  Hubby made the comment once that when the kids were in school he would retire and I could go back to working full time.  I didn't speak to him for 2 weeks.  No one did.  I forbid it.  Sent flyers around the neighborhood informing the mothers of what he said to me.  They united, supported, and glared appropriately.  He came to his senses and realized he wanted to live.


  1. I love you Shari!!! Thanks for making me smile!! This is so true though!! We will be ourselves again!!! Well, probably even BETTER than ourselves because we won't ever take that alone time for granted again!!!

  2. I swear you and I are kindred freakin spirits lol!!! I feel EXACTLY the same way about motherhood as you do and your blog has me literally laughing out loud all the time!!

  3. Oh Shar.. I am SO with you on this. I love my kids but there are times that I think I just wanna be MICHELLE again for a freakin while. Geesh!! You always make me laugh and I love you!!

  4. Ditto! Except...i'm gonna have to wait a little longer for this silence because we are having another. Royal also told me I could go back to work once all the kids are in school. Thank goodness I dont own a gun or I would have shot him. I feel like I am going to be so overwhelmed with three kids in school and sports and all the running around!! But I will still love the silence during the days they are all in school.