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Thursday, October 7, 2010

It. Must. Be. Mine.

Be still my heart.  The intense...I can barely breathe. 

When a friend posted a picture of her cute Halloween Cupcake Cookie Jar, I literally think my heart stopped.  INSTANTLY, I had to gurgle it and there it was...cute as it wants to Kohl's.  "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!"  Cut and 2 kids at Kohl's within 20 minutes. :)  Best part?  It was on sale AND I had $10 Kohl's giftcard.  $30 cookie jar = $7.99, BABY!!

Look at this preciousness!  Can you stand it?! (If only I could remember the Ode to a Candy Corn that I wrote last year, I would insert it here.)  :)  Instead, let us have a moment of silence to reflect upon this treasure.

I mean, really.  Its cuteness cannot be measured.   

Now some would chastise and say, "Shari, have you nothing better to do on a Thursday afternoon than go in search of a cookie jar?"  My answer?...No.  No I don't.  I see a shoppertunity and I grab it, mister!  And it isn't JUST the cuteness in all its glory...let's take a moment and gaze, shall we?'s the adventure, the search, the hunt!! ~cue Miley Cyrus~  "It's the cliiiiiiiiiimb!" 

To the critics, those who do not understand,  I say, "Good day.  I SAID GOOD DAY!"


  1. I think it's DIVINE! Are you still gurgling to find matching dessert dishes?

  2. Lol! I hadn't even thought of dishes!!! What is wrong with me?! Thank God for you...the wind beneath my wings! :)

  3. I heart you, and your musings. That is all.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that Kohl's has this EXACT cookie jar for Valentines Day!!!!!


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