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Friday, September 10, 2010

I have a thing w/ tires...

My entire life I have been plagued w/ flat tires and all sorts of tire issues.  Ask my dad, goes waaaaayyy back to my little bicycle w/ the flower basket and big orange flag on the back.  (That flag is still a sore spot for me so leave it alone!)  So today I get the kids ready and as I'm loading them in the car I notice that my right rear is flat. (don't be intimidated by my use of 'right rear'.  It comes from many years of Nascar, so don't beat yourself up over it.  I'm a professional.)  CRAP!!  Well, as I was walking back in the house to tell the hubster, I noticed something...something that brought me great joy w/ a side order of pride...don't ask me why, but it did.  I went from "Oh crap, this sucks!" , to "Hey honey!  Come look what I did!". :)   Take a gander at my tire...

Those are half of a pair of scissors in there.  But that is not what was so impressive.  HERE is what I'm talking about...

IN THE WHEEL WELL, PEOPLE!! :)  How cool am I?!!  Jealous, much? ;)  Now hubby will tell you that 'officially' he was aggravated...until he saw the VISION.  I caught a glimpse of that little smile.  He tried to hide it but I could see it, plain as day.  That was pride, my friend...pure pride.

It is but a symbol, given to me from the gods, of my recent mental struggle over how to get mine and Kaitlyn's haircut w/ this little boy in tow.  It is as if the universe is saying to me, "Yes, Shari, haircuts suck!"  or maybe just a simple "SCREW THE HAIRCUT!".  I am at peace.  Namaste'.

I should tell you that I once had a AAA tire man tell me that the pliers I ran over, that shaped themselves into a perfect "L", were the strangest thing he had seen in 20 years.  ~heavy sigh~...wish I had his number...

And then there was the time that all 4 wheels were stolen off of my new Honda Accord and I woke up to find my car sitting on blocks.  True story.  Try calling for a tow on that one!  Kept having to explain to the insurance guy that..."I HAVE NO WHEELS!!!  How can you tow me?!"  Had to get a ride to Honda, buy 4 new WHEELS (not just tires!), take them back to my car and THEN call the tow man to put them on the car.  I was amazed they could get the jack under the car!  Where's my pit crew when I need them?!


  1. This.. is seriously gotta be one of the best stories EVER!

  2. I have to STAND UP and give you a STANDING OVATION for this -- OUTSTANDING!!!

  3. Wow! That is pretty crazy, actually!And of all things scissors!

  4. Shari, the funniest ever. I think I knew you when the Accord was on blocks. ha ha ha. :) Read much?