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Friday, May 21, 2010

Case of the blahs...

Sorry guys, I've had a case of the blahs so I've been a little bit MIA.  Actually, I've had a case of the 'OMG Adam, MUST you get into everything?!!' blues.  This kid is like a Tazmanian Devil!  Little Taz is what I'm calling him.  He goes from one thing to the next in the speed of light.  Now he's opening doors!  And don't start w/ the door knob protector thingies, we've got too many freakin' doors.  Same problem w/ the kitchen!  I have 21 cupboards, not counting drawers, in my new kitchen.  No way can I put locks on all those.

I know this is just part of the process.  Worst part, if you ask me.  I think from ages 1-2 is the hardest because you have to establish the rules.  He's doing pretty good staying out of my cookbook shelves, but only because I have planted myself next to them and swatted his hand every time he touches them.  After about 68 times he started getting the picture.

Junior is napping now.  These days when I hear him stirring, my first thought is...'here we go again!'  Followed immediately by...'how much longer until nap #2?!!'  Just being honest!

So I'll be back in top shape soon, I hope!  Unless these children just beat me into oblivion.  :)

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  1. He sounds like my boys. IN TO EVERYTHING. That should be their middle names. Maybe I'll consider changing it haha. BOYS.