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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sliding Doors (and not the cool Gwenyth Paltrow kind)

What makes the track of the sliding screen door so attractive?  This is prime real estate in my home.  It is the place my children most long to be.  Not IN the house, not OUT of the house, but in this narrow space,  letting in every bug in the tri-state area.  It's like there's a magnet in their butts that draws them to the doorway, leaving them dangling with thoughts of "do I want in or do I want out?"  It's the sort of indecision I haven't seen since Brett Favre.  JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!  Then I find myself sounding EXACTLY like my mother when I say, "IN or OUT!!"  It's a bit disturbing and comforting at the same time.  Comforting that at least I know she was feeling the same thing, but nobody likes to sound like their mother.  Sorry's da troof. :)

Yesterday my 5 year old was literally laying across the track of the door with the top half of her body in the house and the lower half outside.  As my 2 year old was attempting to lay on top of her, I believe my head exploded.  After dealing with this situation 14 times a day, for what feels like every day of my life,  I finally blew... ~scary whisper voice~ "Geeeeet OUT!!!"

These are the little moments in a mother's day that make her feel like she's being pecked to death by chickens.

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  1. Is it sad that I read "tri-state-area" in my best Dr. Doofenshmirtz voice? Or as my kids like to say "Dr. Douch-en-mirt."