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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I think I'm going to homeschool...

You read that right.  Calm down.  Every day between 6:45am and 6:54am I entertain the thought of homeschooling.  This is the 9 minutes of torture between the alarm going off and the snooze alarm, when in my exhausted haze I think how wonderful it would be to homeschool and not have to wake to an alarm.  Aaaaaahhhhhh.  But inevitably, as the sleepy starts to wear off, I start to realize that would mean that the precious treasure known as my children would be spending their entire day with me...every day...and then the day after that...and then the day after that.  That's when I realize that dragging my tired butt out of bed is but a small price to pay to have a few hours of quiet.

I'm sure you're shocked and surprised to find that I don't already homeschool.  You're probably thinking, "Shari, with your penchant for patience and calm demeanor, why aren't you homeschooling?  Why aren't you pouring all of your love and understanding upon your precious children every waking moment of your day?"  I'll agree, it is a puzzlement.  But as my husband points out, if I were to homeschool, my kids wouldn't be able to do even one pull-up.   **Backstory** When I was a senior in high school I was called up on stage with other kids to receive the Presidential Academic Fitness Award.  I was floored!  I leaned over to a friend standing next to me and said, "Wow!  This is so unexpected!  I couldn't even do one pull-up!"  He looked confused for a second and then he says, "ACADEMIC fitness, you idiot."  OOOOHHH!!!  Nevermind.  :)  This is hubby's favorite story in the whole wide world.   #notjustapurdyface

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