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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Howard the Translator...

Howard Cosell has now become Howard the Translator.  Adam talks nonstop.  Non. Stop.  As in, never stops talking.  In case you didn't get that...he talks alot.  So now not only do I hear, "Mommy, tika tika blah blah cookie, monkey george, outside, water, ickies, milk, go bye bye, Abby, Sissy" x a bazillion, but it is always followed by Howard's translations,  "Mom, he said he wants a salami sandwich at Disneyland", "Mom, he said he wants to go to Target and get a water balloon made of cheese. Oh, and an ICEE".  You know when you watch the U.N. (cuz you know you do) and the translator starts talking before the foreign dude is even finished?  Yeah, it's like that.   

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