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Monday, June 14, 2010

The shame of it all!!!

I'm so ashamed that I have neglected my blog.  I have an excuse...iPad be thy name.  And I'm not surfing the internet or Facebooking!  It's those freakin' games!!  lol  Words with Friends and Angry Birds seem to occupy a lot of my down time.  Well, not exactly down time per se, but time that I am DOWN on the floor w/ the kids.  A mama can only play so much.  So the young'uns seem to be content w/ me just being on the floor w/ them even if I have my new 'tick-a-pooter' with me.  (I hope Kaitlyn says it this way forever.  It's worth the teasing, don't cha think? :)  )

So first things first!  GRANOLA BARS!!!  Sweet Heavenly Mother!  I got tired of giving Kaitlyn those Quaker Chewy Granola bars that are really just candy bars.  The kid would live off of them if I let her!  But I won't.  So here's a super easy recipe that I made today and I don't know how many calories they have, but let me just say that I ate 3 small squares ( just couldn't STOP myself!) and I wasn't hungry for 5 hours.  Ruh roh.

I found that 25 minutes is long enough to cook them in my oven.  Be careful not to scorch the bottoms!  I think just about the time you really start smelling them, they are pretty much done.  And don't worry if they seem very crumbly when they are warm.  They firm up when they cool.  Almost too firm, but I find a good crunch relieves some good stress. :)

I took some pics of the finished product...
  Ok, I cannot tell a lie.  This pic isn't the whole story...

Ok, THERE!  You happy?...what?  Yes it's a 13x9, what's your point?!

FINE!!  But we had company!!  And you have no idea how much toddlers can eat!!  And ADAM!  Yeah, that's right...Adam had some too!  So there!

Now the only ingredient slightly funky in this recipe is the wheat germ.  Looks like this...

Noticed this while taking the pic.  Good thing cuz that sucker was on his way back to the pantry!  Refrigerate, people!

And if you are saying to yourself, "Oh, I have wheat germ!", then I am sorry to inform you that we need to redefine the nature of our relationship.  And I will need a letter describing the exact reason for having said germ.  And the recipe.  I will need the recipe in which you used this.  Minimum 3 paragraphs.  Thank you.

Ok, so on to one more recipe.  Since I'm here, ya know.  I've been on a kick lately & I eat Georgia Cracker Salad almost every day for lunch.  Forgive my pics because I was just taking them on the fly since I had my camera sitting there.  Super easy!

Chop up tomatoes and cucumbers.  I used about 1/3-1/2 of a hot house cucumber and 1/2 of a tomato.  Only because I was too lazy to go get another tomato.  I usually like 1 whole tomato, but I digress...

I know you know what cucumbers and tomatoes look like, but in my fantasy I am channeling the Pioneer Woman.  If you don't know her...see me.

Now add yourself a little dollop of the mayo!  Just eyeball it (channeling Rachael Ray!) but about half of a kitchen soup spoon.  Just enough to get things moist.

Ok, so maybe today I was a little liberal w/ it.  Shut up.

If you are feeling a little saucy, add yourself some chili paste. :)  This is also a good way to keep peeps out of your salad!  Although Kaitlyn could eat this whole bowl by herself and it is a good way to get her veggies, so I often forego the spice.

Now add in some of these puppies!!  I use about 6 Saltine crackers.  Note:  When you are serving this to a crowd, put the crackers in and IMMEDIATELY serve!  Those suckers only stay crunchy for about 5 minutes.

These are crackers.  ;)

Add just a pinch of salt.  Pinch I say!  But with the bear with me...hear me now, believe me later...I use 18 grinds.  ~cringing~  I know!!  Sounds like a lot!  But I tell you, add it a few grinds at a time and you'll see what I mean.  When you hit 18, its like magic happens!!  I'm not a huge pepper person either.  But it just takes it to the next level!!  Hopefully your grinder gives you a fine grind.  Otherwise, you're on your own. 

See what I'm saying?!  LOTS of pepper.  Ok, now I know this doesn't look too appetizing.  And to be honest, I'm not sure if the crackers are in there yet...oh wait...I see some!  Ok, crackers are in!  More crackers are better but I'm trying to cut back, ya know.  Carbs and all that.  :)


  1. Yuummmmm. You are making me hungry.

  2. OK so don't hate me but I actually have Wheat Germ in my fridge! :) I use it on my cereal, yogurt, or oatmeal - it's VERY good for your body!! Google it! :) I also use Flaxseed on all of the above - together they provide a 'nutty' texture! :)

  3. Those bars are heavenly! I could have eaten three, no problem. Glad to have the recipe!!

  4. those granola bars look really yummy. I have a recipe for some but they are frozen PB and Bananna bars, you eat them frozen or slightly thawed. I also have a SUPER yummy whole wheat pancake recipe that calls for wheat germ. We love them so much I never make the bisquick ones anymore. Ooo and I found another really fun food blog to check out just fyi

  5. Thanks Chicas! :) Ok, so now I need recipes!!!

  6. OMG!! I make those playgroup granola bars almost every camping trip....they are HEAVEN in a pan! Try them with white chocolate and crasins, or finely chopped apples and cinnamon. THE BEST I say! Love the blog girlie, keep it up! xoxo