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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pioneer Woman let me down...

It was a MADDENING day in the Brown house yesterday!!!  SO maddening that I couldn't even post about it until I calmed down.  I wasted THREE sticks of butter!!  AND my house was full of smoke!  So bad that when I got home from the store I could smell smoke from the driveway.  Then we had to leave and close up the house.  That was nice to come home to.  Cleaning a disaster of a kitchen and smelling smoke everywhere!  Burned cinnamon, pecans and sugar is a lovely stench.  But I digress...

Remember the cinnamon coffee cake recipe I posted a few days ago?  The one from my fave lady, Pioneer Woman?  Welllllll, after waiting all week to make this lovely for Father's Day brunch, I spend my Sunday morning beating egg whites, anticipating the deliciousness.  The recipe says to put the cake in a 9x13 or in an 8x11 if you want thicker slices of cake.  So that makes me think that the 9x13 is going to have skinny little pieces.  Why did she have to say that?!!  I was going to do the 9x13 until she said that!  I don't want pitiful slices! Cut to the chase...lava overflow in my oven.  Cake burning on bottom of oven. LOTS of cake burning!  Smoke everywhere and I had to dump the cake.  No saving it.  It was still raw in the middle but there was so much smoke I couldn't keep cooking it.  UUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!  I was soooo mad.

But wait, it gets to Donut Shop for some fresh cinnamon rolls.  I fill a box, go to pay.  I'm $2 short and the dude doesn't take debit or credit cards.  I just stood there staring at him and then said sorry and left.  Off to Albertson's.  Cuz you know they are known for their cinnamon rolls.  (insert sarcasm and eye-rolling here).  I was so pissed!

So last night I get onto PW's website to let her know that her instructions SUCK, only to see that she has changed the recipe.  It now says, "bake in a 9x13 or LARGER".  Yes, just like that, with the big bold letters.  Obviously I wasn't the only one w/ problems and she did apologize.  She's still in a timeout for another day or so, & then I'll get over it.  (not really, I'll probably hang onto this for a while, but I do love her recipes.)

Thank goodness we were having Father's Day at Mom's house and not mine!  We came home to a stinky house and a dirty kitchen.  I can't even tell you about my oven.  OVENSSSSSSSSSSSS!  Because while scraping the ooze and charcoal out of the top one, some slipped down under the door onto the bottom oven.  When I opened the bottom oven door to get the ooze, it dripped into THAT oven!  OMG!!!  Ok, I'm breathing...I'm breathing...And as every mother knows, I'm dealing w/ all this while trying to feed everyone dinner, kids want to play in the baby pool, everyone needs a bath, etc.  NOT FUN!!


  1. (COVERS MOUTH) Oh Nooooo!!!!!!! You explained that so amusingly so I had to laugh! But that really sucks! Not your beautiful ovens! I would have been so mad too!!!!

  2. Shari, I had to come back and comment on this, because I ALMOST had the same thing happen to me this weekend, only it wasn't a PW recipe. I was making a 3 layer cake, I had made before with no problems, but trying to use the convection feature on my new oven, which I heard made it cook faster. However, 45 minutes later, my cakes were still RAW, and almost overflowing. When I saw how high they were, and still jiggly, I had flash-back type images of your fiasco in my brand new oven, and my palms started sweating! Hope you got it all cleaned up okay!

  3. Oh dear. I think that would've made me mad too. Sorry to hear that it was pretty much a disaster.

    Whats the deal with places that don't take debit or credit cards. I hate that since I rarely carry cash.