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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Incompetent...or incapable? THAT is the question!

Is it just me, or is there an awful lot more screw ups these days?  I'm talking...getting cheese on your sandwich when you specifically said no cheese because Weight Watchers frowns on cheese, not because you don't like cheese, you are just forbidden from you REAL Coke when  you ordered diet...leggings that SAY they are a size 6 but really they are a size 5 so as your daughter is walking into her classroom and she bends down to pick something up you see baby butt crack so now you try to return them and the store confirms that yes, they are marked wrong but you now have all these tops to go w/ the leggings but the store won't return the tops because the tops aren't mismarked but you have no bottoms and your daughter is built like a pole so she can't wear jeans because she is too tall and now you have all of these tops and no bottoms.  Ok, that one is likely just me. But what about ordering something through the mail and it arrives broken...or boots w/ 2 right feet...or charging you for the $80 pedicure when your giftcard CLEARLY STATED IT WAS $80 FOR A MANI/PEDI so then you still owe $35 ~faints~ (ok...that one might be just me again). 

Can't just be me.  Seems as though this is becoming an epidemic.  Nobody cares, or they are all stupid.  Which is it?  One of my Facebook friends recently made a wish that stupidity was painful.  Wouldn't.  That.  Be.  AWESOME!?!!!!!  Omg!  I would LOVE that.  I could sit outside of Hot Topics and watch all of these kids saying, "Ow...Ow...OOWWWWW!!!"  :D  Or I could call Time Warner and hear, "Due to a large volume of ...OW!...calls, wait times are...OW!! ...longer than usual...OWW!!  You're call is very...OWW!!...important to us.  CRAP!  OW!!".  That would bring me joy.  Because really, who are the stupid people hurting now?  ME!  Enough, I say! 

To the preschool teacher that serves my child her snack at 8:30am when she walks in the door... ENOUGH!!!  To the drive thru person who speaks so fast I have no clue what they are saying and NO I DON'T WANT A YUMBO YACK, ENOUGH!!!  To the sales clerk who wipes her nose with her hand and then proceeds to hand me my change, ENOUGH!  To the receptionist at the doctor's office who acts like she's the one who went to medical school instead of smokin' her cigs behind the 7-11 trying to get someone to buy her beer, ENOUGH!!  I'm taking a stand, people!!  I will not dumb myself down.  Raise the standards!  Insist that life rise up to meet you!  I am sick and tired of battling and arguing with people who just don't seem to have the sense that God gave a goose!  TELL ME it's not just me!!


  1. Preach on sista ;) Love you....I feel so happy my boots with the two right feet are featured in your blog...just wish I didn't have two right boots...LOL

  2. or to the fedex delivery guy that decides to throw the clearly marked fragile box containing g's brand new Wii over the gate instead of opening said gate... (I thought I'd rant right along with you)

    It's definitely not just you!


  3. Yep, She is BACK!!! Sing it, sister!!!!!! That was hilarious